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Learning & Dev. Centre

Why is it important to continue learning?
Know how, and you can follow.
Know why, and you can lead.

Learn to succeed!

A well trained person is a great benefit to themselves and to a company. Whether on your own or as part of a company initiative, learning is a benefit for all concerned. The rewards can be immeasurable!

As people grow, very often they develop incentive to continue learning and growing and as a result, a company gains a more highly skilled individual. Whenever possible, learning opportunities should be made available to all of a company’s employees interested in professional growth. All individuals should have the opportunity to develop their skill set through experience and learning.

Could your people benefit from additional learning?

Canadian North has committed to creating a first rate Learning & Development Centre to launch the successful careers of our employees

At Canadian North we invest in our employees and are committed to a lifelong learning culture. We know that a focus on personal development learning fosters confidence, leadership skills and critical thinking. From communications to team work and time management, we can all become more effective in our work and relationships.

At Canadian North we recognize that a dynamic business should encourage employees to learn and expand their horizons. The workplace can be challenging and employees should be able to rise to the challenge and succeed. Through our commitment to learning and development we give people that important ‘edge’ in today’s competitive environment and contribute to their growth and success.

We are also pleased to offer our learning options to others in our industry and beyond.

Key points

  1. Canadian North offers over 200 courses including Transport Canada approved courses and certificate programs, safety and SMS courses, personal and professional development learning.
  2. Our technical trainers are specialists in their field and have extensive practical skills and knowledge gained from personal experience. This is important because when people are confident in their abilities, they are much more likely to provide comprehensive learning.
  3. Canadian North also provides advanced pilot training and type endorsements on various aircraft types along with basic and recurrent maintenance and aircrew ground schools.
  4. Our Learning & Development Centre is constantly on the lookout for what is new and of value in personal and professional development. Every year our trainers travel to various locations throughout Canada to network with industry partners and to deliver learning on a variety of topics.

Our learning facilities

Located in Ottawa, our 3 classroom learning facility is fully equipped to administer a variety of learning programs. Equipped with HDMI TVs or DLP projectors, comfortable seating and well lit classrooms, these facilities are conducive to a great learning experience. Our secondary learning facilities are located in Iqaluit and Yellowknife. The facilities are important because by learning in familiar surroundings and with colleagues alongside throughout the learning, participants realize the benefits quickly and the impact throughout the organization is immediate.

We believe in development!

We believe that people should always be growing, and when they have access to learning opportunities, they have a natural advantage. We appreciate participants that we interact with from outside our company and look forward to providing them the opportunity to grow and get to know us a little better.

Come Learn With Us!

Contact us to find out how our facilities, our programs, or our qualified instructors can help your organization!