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About Canadian North

Our History

  • Bradley Air Services Takes to the Air

    Russell (Russ) Bradley forms Bradley Air Services Ltd. in Ottawa, Ontario, the capital city of Canada.

  • Aerial Survey Work in the Far North

    First Air Historic Image timeline

    Bradley Air Services begins charter and aerial survey work for the DEWline construction in the vast, untamed Northwest Territories.

  • Invention of the “tundra” tires

    First Air Historic Image timeline

    On contract for the Geological Survey of Canada, Russ Bradley & partner Weldy Phipps mount “tundra tires on Piper Super Cubs, revolutionizing Arctic explorations capability in the process.

  • Air Support Contract in the Beaufort Sea and Northwest Territories

    Russ Bradley

    Bradley Air Services is awarded air support contract for the Polar Continental Shelf Project.

  • Bradley Air Services Becomes First Air

    First Air Historic Image timeline

    1. Bradley Air Services Ltd creates First Air. / 2. First Air opens a major base in Resolute Bay in the High Arctic.

  • Opening of Iqaluit Base

    First Air opens Iqaluit base.

  • Expanding Services to the Northwest Territories

    The Baffin operations and routes of Survair are purchased by First Air – securing a position for passenger and cargo services in the Northwest Territories.

  • New Ownership

    Makivik Corporation, the organization representing the Inuit of Northern Quebec, purchases First Air.

  • Expanding Services to Yellowknife

    Ptarmigan Airways of Yellowknife is purchased, further expanding the scope of charter operations capability in the Western Arctic.

  • NWT Air Acquisition

    NWT Air is purchased, solidifying passenger, cargo and charter services throughout the entire North.

  • ATR42-300

    ATR42-300 aircraft begin replacement of the HS748 fleet. This marks the first aircraft to be deployed in western routes.

  • Boeing 737 jet service

    First Air introduces all passenger Boeing 737 jet service on the Ottawa-Iqaluit route.

  • Haiti Disaster Relief

    1. First Air mobilizes the Boeing 767 Super Freighter to aid in Haiti disaster relief. / 2. First Air reaches transportation service agreements for the Kitikmeot Inuit Association, Kivalliq Inuit Association & Qikiqtani Inuit Association beneficiaries.

  • Award of Recognition

    Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce recognizes First Air as Best Community Support Business.

  • Implementation of TRAX

    1. Implementation of TRAX, a fully integrated web based maintenance solution system / 2. Roll-out of an Automated Flight and Information Reporting System (AFIRS) for the entire fleet of aircraft begins.

  • New branding is launched

    New branding is launched

  • New Canadian North formed through merger

    Logo Canadian North

    Canadian North and First Air are uniting to form a strong, sustainable airline