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About Canadian North


Community First

As an Inuit owned organization with over 60 years of northern heritage, Canadian North is proud to lead the way in community support in the North.

Our support is focused on sponsorship initiatives that are aligned with our core values, such as:

  • aboriginal and youth development programs
  • literacy and educational programs
  • economic development opportunities
  • sporting events
  • cultural or community events

From major athletic events like the Arctic Winter Games to grassroots community projects, Canadian North contributes over $40 million annually to Canada’s northern economy.

Our Involvement

Through grass-roots community reinvestment, meaningful employment opportunities and by providing beneficiaries with tangible benefits, Canadian North continues to demonstrate social responsibility and leadership in northern transportation services.

Get us Involved

How to Apply

To request sponsorship or support, simply complete and submit the online application form.

Please allow at least two months between the date of your application and the date of your event. The Canadian North Sponsorship Committee will respond to your reply in writing.

Recognizing Our Partnership

In exchange for our sponsorship, we would appreciate recognition for the contribution Canadian North has made. There are a number of ways this can be done:

  • Canadian North logo on printed material and promotional clothing or items
  • Canadian North logo on all advertising
  • A banner or flag at your event
  • An invitation to Canadian North personnel to attend your event as guests or volunteers
  • Complimentary tickets to your event
  • Photos of the event
  • Display of Canadian North literature at your event
  • Writing to your MLA, mayor and council, other community leaders
  • A joint press release to the media
  • A thank you advertisement in the local newspaper

Sponsorship Application

Please fill out the form below to inquire about Canadian North sponsorship for your event.

What support are you looking for from Canadian North:
Type of event:
Where is the event taking place?
When is the event taking place?
What is the total budget for the event?
How many people will be attending your event?
How will the community benefit from the event?
If this is a fundraiser, who will benefit from the money raised?
Are there any other sponsors? If so, who:
What recognition will Canadian North receive in exchange for its contribution?