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Your Greenland Adventure Awaits


Book your flight to Nuuk, the gateway to Greenland and beyond

Located on the south-west coast, Nuuk is the vibrant capital city of Greenland, filled with culture, history, and traditions. Serving as the gateway to Greenland, Nuuk has a small town feel while being home to gourmet restaurants, shopping, and grand fjord experiences. With a convenient new connection available from June to October, you can experience Nuuk’s charm without the long travel times, leaving you with more time for adventure.

Please note, if you are booking a ticket from Iqaluit to Nuuk or Nuuk to Iqaluit you will need to complete your reservation on

Reasons to visit

Photo: Peter Lindstrom.

Cultural Elements

Colourful Nuuk is the heart of the Greenlandic nation, and the city and its people embrace contrasts in nature, culture, history and people. It is a place to explore, think, and celebrate heritage with local food, street art, museums and music.

Photo: Mads Pihl

Key Attractions

After you’ve settled into the city, venture into the fjords and mountains for surreal connections to nature. Hiking, stand up paddleboarding, whale watching, and boat tours are some of the many experiences that await you.

Photo: Norris Niman


Enjoy authentic adventures guided by local providers. From Nomadic experiences, boat tours, deep sea fishing and archaeology, select from Greenland’s top tour providers for an experience like no other.

Flight Information

Whether you’re travelling from Ottawa, Montreal, Kuujjuaq or Iqaluit, this summertime route saves time and provides a direct connection to Nuuk’s unique experiences. Our crews provide a stress-free journey with exceptional service, spacious cabins, and complimentary food and beverage, ensuring you arrive refreshed and primed for adventure on touchdown. Experience the genuine hospitality of Canadian North and Air Greenland by booking your flight today!

Please note, if you are booking a ticket from Iqaluit to Nuuk or Nuuk to Iqaluit you will need to complete your reservation on

Please note, if you are booking a ticket from Iqaluit to Nuuk or Nuuk to Iqaluit you will need to complete your reservation on

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Travel Tips & Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need a Visa to enter Greenland from Canada?

If you are a citizen of Canada you do not need to apply for a Visa to enter Greenland. You will, however, need your passport to enter Greenland and to return home at the end of your trip.

The centre of Nuuk is compact and easy to walk to most attractions, however getting from the airport, into the suburbs or hiking surrounding the city you will want to rent a bike, take a car, taxi or bus.

Has a wide range of accommodations from 4-star hotels to apartments, hostels and B&Bs. Check out Greenland Tourism’s page to see a list of all accommodations available

Greenland is notorious for its challenging weather so proper clothing and footwear is essential for a successful journey. Layering is a must and helps ensure you’re protected from the cold and/or the sun and snow depending on the season. A good quality pair of hiking boots with grip and support around your ankles will keep your feet warm and dry in the summer.

No matter what your personal preferences are, sunscreen and sunglasses are a must. The sun is powerful but you wont always feel the heat so apply as often as needed.

There is no avoiding mosquitos in the Arctic summer season, so you will need to use lots of bug spray. If you’re not concerned about the perfect Instagram aesthetic, bring a mosquito head net – you will thank yourself for it on windless days.

Danish kroner (DKK) is the valid currency in Greenland. Some stores may accept Canadian dollars, but it is not guaranteed so it is a good idea to bring cash in DKK, especially when visiting small towns. Credit cards may be used at ATMs, and accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

You are allowed to photograph in the public spaces of Greenland, including photos of the natural world and public buildings. People in Greenland are generally welcoming and friendly, however always ask before taking a photo and always respect a “no” or a gesture signaling no.

When photographing wildlife, do not disturb, frighten, approach or feed the animal in order to make it respond. Be patient and enjoy the moment – and accept that the shot may not happen.

Lastly, do not rearrange objects, plants or other features of the natural environment in order to get the perfect picture. Change your body position or camera angle instead of physically interfering with the environment.

The northern lights are visible anywhere in Nuuk in the autumn, winter, and spring. There is a high chance of seeing them from August/September to March/April, with the highest chance of success in October – February. Nuuk has a relatively small population of 20,000 people, so light pollution is low but the best chance is by taking a quick drive out of town to get the most out of your northern light spotting.