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NEW! Our checked baggage policies have changed.

Canadian North Enhances Baggage Policy to Improve Safety, Efficiency and Comfort

For tickets issued on or after May 29, 2024

Overview: Inuinnaqtun | Inuvialuktun

Ensuring our customers and their cargo arrive safely at their destination is the cornerstone of Canadian North customer service. With the resurgence of travel and heightened demand, we have experienced a significant surge in passengers wishing to carry on and check multiple bags. This trend has resulted in bumped baggage, flight delays and even fewer available seats.

As a 100% Inuit-owned airline, we understand that a lack of access to affordable products in the North sometimes means transporting extra items up via passenger flight. Unfortunately, because of capacity and weight regulations, that has meant not all bags reach their destination when their owners do. Our priority is to right-size the amount of checked bags we check in relation to our actual aircraft capacity.

With this in mind, we will be updating our checked baggage policies:

  • Revised checked baggage allowances for our Flex and Super-Flex fares.
  • New process for passengers to prioritize their most important checked baggage items.
  • Updated fees for excess, oversized and overweight baggage.
  • Maximum of 3 bags that can be checked in at the counter.
  • Additional bags must be transported separately as cargo.
  • Revised checked baggage benefits for Aurora Concierge members.

Unlike the checked baggage policies of other airlines, our lowest-price Saver fare will continue to include one free checked bag.*

These changes, like those implemented by other airlines, will also help keep fare prices down in the face of rising operational, fuel, staffing costs, as well as overall inflation.

We look forward to the improved checked baggage service we will be able to offer and expect to see an overall improvement to our on-time performance and customer service.

Please visit our website for a complete description of our new policies at


– The Canadian North Team