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Trevor Wilde
Interim Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Distribution

Canadian North is delighted to announce Trevor Wilde as the Interim VP, Sales, Marketing & Distribution. Trevor’s journey with Canadian North spans over a decade, reflecting his deep commitment to the airline and its mission.

Beginning his career as an account manager, Trevor has held various leadership roles at Canadian North, demonstrating exceptional leadership skills and adaptability. He has been instrumental in several key initiatives, most recently during the Yellowknife wildfire evacuation, where his coordination and operational excellence ensured passenger safety and continuity of service.

In his role as Interim VP, Sales, Marketing & Distribution, Trevor is committed to strengthening Canadian North’s strategic objectives. Holding an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business, his expertise encompasses various aspects of airline management, including customer service and operational logistics. Trevor’s leadership style is distinguished by his focus on fostering strong relationships with customers, stakeholders, and the communities we serve. He is driven by a deep understanding of the airline’s crucial role in Canada’s Arctic.

Outside of work, Trevor is an avid outdoor enthusiast, with a particular passion for exploring Canada’s northern landscapes. Trevor is also actively involved in his community, volunteering with the Calgary Board of Education and coaching rugby. Alongside his wife, he dedicates his time to various community initiatives, reflecting his commitment to giving back and engaging with the community.