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Shelly De Caria
Shelly De Caria
Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Distribution

An embodiment of Canadian North’s core values, Shelly De Caria serves as the Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Distribution. A native of Kuujjuaq, Québec, Shelly has been a key player in stakeholder engagement and customer relations for the Arctic’s leading airline. Proficient in Inuktitut, her leadership reflects Canadian North’s dedication to its Inuit roots and community improvement.

Before joining Canadian North, Shelly was a significant contributor at Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, where she helped advance the rights and interests of Canada’s Inuit population. At Canadian North, she has been vital in the development of a range of community investment programs, affecting areas such as education, sport, nutrition, and mental health.

Her leadership skills and passion for community development make her an integral part of Canadian North’s growth strategy. Shelly’s commitment aligns seamlessly with her Inuit heritage, amplifying her determination to enhance the lives in the communities we serve.