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Cindy Twerdin
Cindy Twerdin
Associate Vice President, Government Relations & Community Investment

Ms. Twerdin is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in the aviation industry. Originally from Pangnirtung, NU, Cindy began her career at First Air in 1997 as a ticket counter agent in Iqaluit. Over the years, she has gained more experience and skills and has steadily progressed through various roles and responsibilities.

In 2010, Cindy made a significant move to Canadian North, where she assumed the position of Manager, Medical Travel. Demonstrating exemplary leadership and management skills, she effectively oversaw the coordination of medical travel needs, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Building on that success, Cindy advanced further by taking on the role of Director of Airports and Cargo East in 2017 and in 2022, Cindy made the transition to the role of Director of Sales and Community Relations. Her dedication and ability to foster strong relationships with customers and communities played a crucial role in driving sales and enhancing community engagements.

With her continued commitment to professional growth and development, Cindy moved on to become the Associate Vice president, Government and Community Relations. In this role, she leverages her expertise in developing strategic partnerships and advocating for the organization’s interests.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Cindy is married with 3 children and one grandson, who bring immense joy to her life.