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Le client d’abord


Contacts généraux

Centre de service à la clientèle pour réservations/billetterie

Pour effectuer une réservation ou pour des renseignements au sujet des billets, des tarifs et des horaires, veuillez communiquer avec :

Tél. : 1-800-267-1247
Telec. : 613-254-6303
ATS 1-877-873-3718
Courriel :

Du lundi au vendredi de 7 h à 21 h
Les fins de semaines et les jours fériés de 9 h à 19 h


20 Cope Drive, Kanata,
Ontario Canada K2M 2V8
Tel: 1-800-661-3591
Fax: 613-254-6398

Cargo Call Center

For information on obtaining a quote, pickup or delivery, or cargo logistics: Tel: 1-800-267-1247
Monday to Friday: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST
Saturday to Sunday: 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST

Remboursements / Facturation

For Refundable Fare ticket inquiries, please email:

Groups / Conferences

For special group/conference fares:
Tel.: 1-800-267-1247

Local Cargo Offices

Cargo Reservations and information

Tel: 1-800-267-1247

Arctic Bay Cargo Arctic Bay Airport

Arctic Bay, NU X0A 0A0
Phone: 1-867-439-3000
Fax: 1-867-439-3001

Cambridge Bay Cargo Cambridge Bay Airport

Cambridge Bay, NU X0B 0C0
Phone: 1-867-983-2656
Fax: 1-867-983-2796

Kinngait / Cape Dorset Cargo Cape Dorset Airport

Cape Dorset, NU X0A 0C0
Phone: 1-867-897-8938
Fax: 1-867-897-8180

Clyde River Cargo Clyde River Airport

Clyde River, NU X0A 0E0
Phone: 1-867-924-6365
Fax: 1-867-924-6397

Edmonton Cargo 1759 35 Avenue East

Edmonton International Airport, AB T9E 0V6
Phone: 1-780-890-4206
Fax: 1-780-890-7169

MON-FRI 08:00 – 16:00
SAT-SUN 08:00 – 12:00

Fort Simpson Cargo Fort Simpson Airport

Fort Simpson, NT X0E 0N0
Phone: 1-867-695-2020
Fax: 1-867-695-2322

Gjoa Haven Cargo Gjoa Haven Airport

Gjoa Haven, NU X0B 1J0
Phone: 1-867-360-6193
Fax: 1-867-360-6194

Hay River Cargo 101 Airport Road

Hay River, NT X0E 0R9
Phone: 1-867-874-2847
Fax: 1-867-874-2849

Sanirajak / Hall Beach Cargo Hall Beach Airport

Sanirajak, NU X0A 0K0
Phone: 1-867-928-8927
Fax: 1-867-928-8882

Igloolik Cargo Igloolik Airport

Igloolik, NU X0A 1L0
Phone: 1-867-934-8973
Fax: 1-867-934-8955

Inuvik Cargo Mike Zubko Airport

P.O. Box 1038
Inuvik, NT X0E 0T0
Phone: 1-867-777-2953
Fax: 1-867-777-4729

Iqaluit Cargo Iqaluit Airport

Iqaluit, NU X0A 0H0
Phone: 1-867-979-5317
Fax: 1-867-979-4655

Kimmirut Cargo Kimmirut Airport

Kimmirut, NU X0A 0N0
Phone: 1-867-939-2250
Fax: 1-867-939-2158

Kugaaruk Cargo Kugaaruk Airport

Kugaaruk, NU X0B 1K0
Phone: 1-867-769-6063
Fax: 1-867-769-6064

Kugluktuk Cargo Kugluktuk Airport

Kugluktuk, NU X0B 0E0
Phone: 1-867-982-3208
Fax: 1-867-982-3668

Kuujjuaq Cargo Kuujjuaq Airport

Air Inuit Cargo Building
Kuujjuaq, QC J0M 1C0
Phone: 1-819-964-2225
Fax: 1-819-964-6365

Montreal Cargo Air Inuit Cargo Warehouse

800 Stuart Graham, Suite 110
Dorval, QC H4Y 1J6
Phone: 1-514-631-8560

Shipping and Receiving Hours
MON-FRI: 08:00-16:00 (Operating Hours 08:00-20:00)
SAT-SUN: 08:00-14:00 (Operating Hours 08:00-18:00)

Customer Service Hours
MON-FRI: 08:00-20:00
SAT-SUN: 08:00-18:00

Norman Wells Cargo Norman Wells Airport

Norman Wells, NT X0E 0V0
Phone: 1-867-587-2321
Fax: 1-867-587-3077

Ottawa Cargo 100 Thad Johnson Private

Ottawa, Ontario K1V 0R1
Phone: 1-613-254-6471
Fax: 1-613-254-6477

MON-FRI 07:30-19:30
SAT-SUN 08:00-16:30

Pangnirtung Cargo Pangnirtung Airport

Pangnirtung, NU X0A 0R0
Phone: 1-867-473-8771
Fax: 1-867-473-8623

Pond Inlet Cargo Pond Inlet Airport

Pond Inlet, NU X0A 0S0
Phone: 1-867-899-8882
Fax: 1-867-899-8759

Qikiqtarjuaq Cargo Qikiqtarjuaq Airport

Qikiqtarjuaq, NU X0A 0B0
Phone: 1-867-927-8873
Fax: 1-867-927-8320

Rankin Inlet Cargo Rankin Inlet Airport

Rankin Inlet, NU X0C 0G0
Phone: 1-867-645-3720

Resolute Bay Cargo Resolute Bay Airport

Resolute Bay, NU X0A 0V0
Phone: 1-867-252-3982
Fax: 1-867-252-3794

Taloyoak Cargo Taloyoak Airport

Taloyoak, NU X0B 1B0
Phone: 1-867-561-5054
Fax: 1-867-561-5055

Ulukhaktok Cargo Ulukhaktok Airport

Ulukhaktok, NT X0E 0S0
Phone: 1-867-396-3063
Fax: 1-867-396-3053

Yellowknife Cargo 155 Bristol Ave..

Yellowknife, NT X1A 2R3
Phone: 1-877-214-6001 ext 6651

Note to passengers

We are aware of an issue affecting a small number of passengers in certain communities whose calls are being inadvertently blocked when they dial our reservations line;
In particular we are aware of this issue affecting customers in Pangnirtung, but it is possible that customers calling from other locations are affected;
We apologize for this inconvenience and are working closely with our vendors to correct this problem;

If you are affected by this issue, please try the following alternatives:
  • Try calling us from a different phone – in particular from a cell phone if you have access to one
  • Email us at

Customer Relations, Baggage, Cargo and Denied Boarding Claims

Règlement sur la protection des passagers aériens

Si l’embarquement vous est refusé, ou si votre vol est annulé ou retardé d’au moins deux heures ou si vos bagages sont perdus ou endommagés, vous pourriez avoir droit au titre du Règlement sur la protection des passagers aériens, à certains avantages au titre des normes de traitement applicables et à une indemnité. Pour de plus amples renseignements sur vos droits, veuillez communiquer avec votre transporteur aérien ou visiter le site Web de l’Office des transports du Canada.

For Customer Relations inquiries or Baggage claims, email See the Baggage Declaration Form
For Cargo Claims, email
For General Inquiries, please email:

Online Claim Form:

Bureau régionaux

Cargo Business Development ​

Todd Chahley, Director, Cargo Product & Business Development

Baffin Island

Brian Tattuinee, Manager, Sales


Shelly De Caria, Senior Manager, Sales and Community Relations



Mike Bernard, Director, Maintenance


Norman Vincent, Directeur, Ingénerie
Courriel :

Affaires publiques

Media Relations

Tel: 613-282-2440


CNRL, Imperial/Esso, Husky Energy and LNG Flights

Please contact your travel coordinator for all travel details. If unavailable, up-to-date flight information and baggage details can be answered by Canadian North Charter staff at the following numbers:

For reservation and flight information: 403‑444‑3353

For baggage information: 403‑537‑5744

For flight updates information: 1‑888‑991‑9909

Charter Terminals (check itinerary for correct location)::


Canadian North Charter Terminal
580 Palmer Road N.E.

Canadian North Charter Terminal
393 Palmer Road N.E.


Canadian North Charter Terminal
3731 – 52 Avenue East

Edmonton International Airport
Executive Flight Centre Terminal 4
3736 – 52 Avenue East

New Charter Sales Inquiries

Tel: 1-800-267-1247
Fax: 403-250-2019


Here, you can find out how to contact us if you have a complaint. Were you dissatisfied with your booking or your flight? Please accept our apologies. Of course, we will be glad to assist you with any complaints you may have!

This is not a claim form. For claims, fill the online claim form

Personal data of the passenger

Any personal data that we collect will only be used to process your enquiry and will be safely and securely stored.

Did you travel for:

Flight Information

Please enter the departure date as shown on the booking confirmation of your original booking.

Further passengers on the booking

Please provide all further passengers on the booking

How many further passengers traveled with you?

For each additional passenger, please enter the passenger names as shown on the booking confirmation of your original booking.

Your concern

Please select the reason for your complaint here.

Tell us about our service

1=Poor / 2= Fair / 3=Good / 4= Very Good / 5 = Excellent

Are you satisfied level:

Reservation Service:

Counter Service Departure:

Security Clearance:

In-flight service from your flight attendants:

Your meal service:

Counter Service Arrival:

Overall experience:

Additional Comments or Suggestions

Assignment of seats to children under the age of 14 years

Did you sit in a close proximity from your child / children:

Musical instruments

Did you have a musical instrument as checked or carry-on baggage with you:

If YES was it accepted on board:

If NO did you respect the establish terms and conditions: restrictions with respect to size and weight, restrictions with respect to quantity, and the use of stowage space in the cabin: