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Canadian North Enhances Flight Operations with DynamicSource’s Electronic Weight and Balance Application 

December 18, 2023

Canadian North, in collaboration with DynamicSource, is revolutionizing flight operations in Canada’s Arctic and beyond. This collaboration has introduced an innovative electronic weight and balance solution, essential for ensuring aircraft safety and efficiency. While it is specially tailored for the unique challenges of remote and northern communities in Canada’s Arctic, its benefits extend across all areas of Canadian North’s operations, enhancing flight precision and reliability in various environments. 

 The application adheres to strict aviation regulations, enhancing safety with its user-friendly interface. It simplifies crucial pre-flight processes by: 

  • Preventing input errors with fixed value limits 
  • Automating checks against weight and balance constraints 
  • Reducing manual calculation errors 
  • Using consistent color-coding to highlight data changes and key fields 

This digital approach to weight and balance management ensures aircraft stability and safety across Canadian North’s diverse flight operations. By transitioning from paper-based methods to a digital weight and balance system, Canadian North is not only making a significant move towards environmental sustainability, saving over 50,000 sheets of paper annually (equivalent to around 500 pounds), but also improving operational efficiency. In aviation, even small reductions in weight, like eliminating the need for paper, can lead to lower fuel consumption and reduced operational costs. 

This shift to a digital solution not only aligns with Canadian North’s commitment to environmental stewardship but also contributes to more efficient, cost-effective operations. Reducing paper use not only has a positive environmental impact but also streamlines the workflow for pilots and ground crew, leading to quicker turnaround times and improved overall efficiency in flight operations. 

 “DynamicSource offers the best customizable solution for our unique aircraft, like the Boeing 737 combi and ATR42,” said Captain Aaron Speer, Canadian North’s VP of Flight Operations. “Their system’s functionality and innovation reflect our shared commitment to advancing aviation technology.” 

 “We were instantly impressed by Canadian North’s complex and critical operations in Canada’s diverse regions,” said Albert Kjellström, DynamicSource’s Sales and Business Development Manager. “This partnership showcases the adaptability and effectiveness of our weight and balance solution in challenging environments.” 

 “Our collaboration with Canadian North has been instrumental in refining our weight and balance solution,” said Tomas Paál, DynamicSource’s Project Manager. “Their feedback and drive for innovation have been invaluable.” 


 Quick Facts  

  • The electronic weight and balance system has been operational for several months, enhancing Canadian North’s flight operations. 
  • The development of this bespoke system, in collaboration with DynamicSource, spanned over two years, tailored specifically to meet Canadian North’s unique operational challenges in Canada’s Arctic. 
  • The new electronic system replaces traditional paper methods, enhancing safety and efficiency, which is estimated to save over 50,000 sheets of paper, equivalent to around 500 pounds. 


Precise weight and balance management is crucial for aircraft safety and performance. It involves accurate calculations for distributing weight from passengers, cargo, fuel, and other factors. This new electronic system replaces error-prone manual processes with automated accuracy, a significant benefit for pilots operating in the challenging Arctic. The technology ensures optimal aircraft balance, critical in harsh weather and geographical conditions, enhancing Canadian North’s service reliability to remote and northern communities. 

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