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About Canadian North

ᐃᒻᒪᑲᓪᓚᓂᑦ ᐊᑐᖅᑕᕗᑦ

  • Bradley Air Services Takes to the Air

    Russell (Russ) Bradley forms Bradley Air Services Ltd. in Ottawa, Ontario, the capital city of Canada.

  • Aerial Survey Work in the Far North

    First Air Historic Image

    Bradley Air Services begins charter and aerial survey work for the DEWline construction in the vast, untamed Northwest Territories.

  • Invention of the “tundra” tires

    First Air Historic Image timeline

    On contract for the Geological Survey of Canada, Russ Bradley & partner Weldy Phipps mount “tundra tires on Piper Super Cubs, revolutionizing Arctic explorations capability in the process.

  • Air Support Contract in the Beaufort Sea and Northwest Territories

    Russ Bradley

    Bradley Air Services is awarded air support contract for the Polar Continental Shelf Project.

  • Bradley Air Services Becomes First Air

    First Air Historic Image timeline

    1. Bradley Air Services Ltd creates First Air. / 2. First Air opens a major base in Resolute Bay in the High Arctic.

  • Opening of Iqaluit Base

    First Air opens Iqaluit base.

  • Expanding Services to the Northwest Territories

    The Baffin operations and routes of Survair are purchased by First Air – securing a position for passenger and cargo services in the Northwest Territories.

  • New Ownership

    Makivik Corporation, the organization representing the Inuit of Northern Quebec, purchases First Air.

  • Expanding Services to Yellowknife

    Ptarmigan Airways of Yellowknife is purchased, further expanding the scope of charter operations capability in the Western Arctic.

  • NWT Air Acquisition

    NWT Air is purchased, solidifying passenger, cargo and charter services throughout the entire North.

  • ATR42-300

    ATR42-300 aircraft begin replacement of the HS748 fleet. This marks the first aircraft to be deployed in western routes.

  • Boeing 737 jet service

    First Air introduces all passenger Boeing 737 jet service on the Ottawa-Iqaluit route.

  • Haiti Disaster Relief

    1. First Air mobilizes the Boeing 767 Super Freighter to aid in Haiti disaster relief. / 2. First Air reaches transportation service agreements for the Kitikmeot Inuit Association, Kivalliq Inuit Association & Qikiqtani Inuit Association beneficiaries.

  • Award of Recognition

    Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce recognizes First Air as Best Community Support Business.

  • Implementation of TRAX

    1. Implementation of TRAX, a fully integrated web based maintenance solution system / 2. Roll-out of an Automated Flight and Information Reporting System (AFIRS) for the entire fleet of aircraft begins.

  • New branding is launched

    New branding is launched

  • New Canadian North formed through merger

    Logo Canadian North

    Canadian North and First Air are uniting to form a strong, sustainable airline