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Special and Oversized Goods

The following goods are not considered Everyday Goods. Learn more about how their arrival times and rates are different than for Everyday Products here.

Movement of pets and shipments of oversized goods need to be scheduled and quoted through Cargo Reservations. The flat rate for shipping pets is $150.

If your shipment is missing or damaged, please contact Cargo Claims at

Canadian North puts your animal’s safety and comfort first. If you are not traveling with your animal, please follow the below requirements to ensure your pet’s travel experience is stress-free.


  • Arrangements must be made with Canadian North at least 24 hours in advance by the shipper.
  • All shipments of live animals must be prepaid.
  • Approximate weight and dimensions of kennel must be provided by the shipper at time of booking.


  • Canadian North will not accept animals that emit offensive odours, are hostile or in an agitated state at the time of tender.
  • Cats or dogs under 8 weeks old will not be accepted.
  • Live animals will not be accepted on a collect basis.
  • Some extra large kennels will not be accepted due to aircraft size, type and availability.
  • Animals will not be accepted more than 4 hours prior to the flights departure
  • Live animals will not be transferred onto another airline and arrangements must be made with the other carrier.


  • Kennels must be certified pet carriers free of defects, leak-proof and must provide adequate ventilation for the animal.
  • Kennels must be large enough for your pet to stand, to turn around completely and to lie down.
  • Metal wire cages will not be accepted for carriage
  • It is recommended to label the kennel with the animal’s name and a spill proof container (such as a hamster water dispenser) be fastened to the kennel for water
  • Only one animal is permitted per kennel.

Other Tips

  • Feed the animal only a light meal and drink two hours before scheduled departure.
  • Exercise the animal immediately before leaving your premises.
  • Shipment of females in heat (oestrus) is not advised.
  • Females with unweaned litter will not be accepted.
  • Weaned puppies younger than eight weeks should not be transported due to possible dehydration during the flight.

Overnight kennel service fees may be required during transport in the event of severe weather or conditions beyond Canadian North’s control (including, but not limited to acts of god, force majeure, labour disturbances, civil commotions, wars or hostilities). These fees will be applied to the cartage and collected upon arrival at the animal intended destination.

For further information or for bookings please contact Cargo Reservations at 1-800-568-7497.

In order to ensure the safe and unspoiled arrival of your live seafood, Canadian North enforces the following shipping requirements:

  • Packaging must consist of inner layer puncture resistant and leak proof liner
  • “Live Seafood – Cooler” must be clearly written on the box in indelible ink
  • Must be encased in a sealed sturdy Styrofoam box designed for shipping live seafood.
  • Must be packaged to maintain optimum internal temperature when exposed to high and low external temperatures during loading and unloading procedures.
  • Must be shipped as “CN Temperature-Controlled” to ensure timely movement (see Shipping with Special Care for more information)
  • Shipments cannot exceed 29 kg to ensure boarding priority. Any shipments weighing more will be at risk for delays and spoiling.

If the packaging and labeling requirements are not in place, the shipment will be refused at time of tender.

  • Any shipment with a known value of over $1,000 (Canadian or U.S. dollars) per kilogram must be shipped as a Secure good, regardless of the commodity.
  • Gems, Gold, Artwork, Carvings, Silver, Pearls, Furs/pelts, Jewellery, Narcotics and controlled drugs, and Tobacco are considered Secure goods.
  • These high value shipments require a packing slip identifying contents and value.
  • All art must be labeled as fragile and properly packaged internally and externally. Declared Value cannot be applied.
LabelingFragile / dry / sec
Interior PackagingStyrofoam on tips, leak proof packaging
Exterior PackagingSturdy corrugated cardboard or wooden crate
Loose itemsMust be packed separately
DocumentationPermits may be required
LabelingFragile; Glass; this way up (orientation labels)
Interior PackagingFoam inserts to ensure no movement during handling and transportation
Exterior PackagingMust be in a wooden crate to ensure no bending or punctures from other cargo, which can occur during transport or storage
Loose itemsMust be packed separately
DocumentationNot required
LabelingTop Load only; this way up (orientation labels)
Interior PackagingSealed in plastic to protect from moisture during handling and transportation
Exterior PackagingMust be solid exterior packaging (heavy cardboard or wood crate) to ensure no bending or punctures from other cargo, which can occur during transport or storage of consolidated cargo
Loose itemsMust be packed separately
DocumentationNot required

The Canadian North team brings our core values of safety, integrity, service excellence, and respect to every step of transporting human remains with efficiency and with dignity. With checkpoints throughout the journey from first contact with Cargo Reservations through receiving, passing security, loading, receiving, and transferring to another airline if necessary, we are fully equipped to ensure the secure arrival of caskets and urns containing human remains.

Cargo Reservations will be in contact with the sender (Shipper) to advise them of the intended arrival time and alert them to any delays in receipt of their valued cargo. When the remains are collected, the recipient can see the careful steps taken at each step of the journey through the completed Air Waybill (AWB).

Please contact Cargo Reservations at 1-800-267-1247 to receive a quote for your transportation needs. We request 24 hours’ notice prior to shipping and the Shipper must provide the following when sending the package from a local cargo office:

  • A copy of the Official Death Certificate or Certificate of Cremation
  • A prepayment (on Account, by Credit Card, or by Cash)
  • Contact information for the recipient (Consignee)

If the Cargo Reservations line is closed, your local Cargo Office may be available to assist you. Please see their hours and contact information here.

Non-cremated human remains must be contained in a hermetically sealed inner coffin of lead or zinc to prevent shifting and escape of offensive odors. They must be then placed in an outer shipping container of wood, particle board, corrugated fiberboard, plastic or other water repellent material having six handles and sufficient rigidity to protect the interior unit and its content from damage in ordinary care and handling.

  • Casket may be covered with a protective plastic cover prior to placement in the outer shipping container to protect against minor scratches or marks. If required for the protection of the casket and protruding handles, fiberboard inserts should be placed on the sides, tops and ends of soft pack outer shipping containers.
  • The head end of the outer shipping container must be identified to assist the handlers in aircraft loading and unloading operations.
  • The outer packaging of all shipments of human remains should bear full identification details (name of deceased as well as consignee’s name and address).
  • Cremated remains must be shipped in funeral urns that are efficiently cushioned by suitable packaging against breakage.
  • Cargo Reservations 24 hours in advance so that they may prepare to ship the human remains and complete an “Advance Arrangements Record.”

Plastic or tarp wrapped recommended. Oars and paddles must be packaged separately.

Must be labeled as fragile and properly packaged internally and externally. Declared Value cannot be applied.

Interior PackagingWindshields must be removed and stored in a protective box
Exterior PackagingCrated for Jet, uncrated but covered for Turbo prop
Loose itemsMust be packed separately

These items are considered Dangerous Goods. Learn more here

LabelingNot required
Interior PackagingMust be unloaded
Exterior PackagingProperly stored in locked container
Loose itemsAmmunition must be packaged separately
DocumentationFirearms possession or acquisition licence required

These items are considered Dangerous Goods. Learn more here

Small lithium battery-powered vehicles not permitted on Canadian North aircrafts

Please note that Canadian North cannot accept small lithium battery-powered vehicles in checked baggage, as carry-on items, or as cargo shipments due to numerous safety concerns associated with the batteries in these devices.

Examples of small lithium battery-powered vehicles include:

  • Hoverboards
  • Electric Bicycles
  • Electric Skateboards/Scooters
  • Mini-Segways
  • Balance Wheels