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Rates and Tariffs

You have the option of providing a declared value for your shipment in order to receive a higher level of insurance against loss or damage. If no declared value is provided, Canadian North’s liability for damage or loss will be limited to $1.10 / KG. See Rates and Tariffs for detailed information and Special & Oversized Goods for information on declaring value for special goods. If the package has no declared value, check the box no and initial declining the insurance. If yes, enter the amount of the declared value.

Charges for some shipments may be assessed by dimensional weight rather than actual weight – this is because it is often the size of cargo, rather than the weight of cargo, which limits how much can go on the plane.

Dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying the length, width, and height of a shipment in centimeters and dividing this number by the dimensional factor, which at Canadian North is 7,000. When the actual weight and the dimensional weights are compared, the higher number will be used as the chargeable weight. For shipments within our own network, our dimensional factors are 15% lower than the industry standard of 6,000. We use an even lower factor of 9,000 to further reduce the impact of dimensional weights on customers paying in cash for personal (i.e. non-business) shipping. For shipments beyond our owned Cargo service areas, industry standard calculations will apply.